Apps to Bring Math and Science Skills Back After Summer’s Slide


At left, a screenshot from Motion Math’s Fractions app; right, a screenshot from NYSCI’s Fraction Mash.

After a summer of fun, the shift back into schoolwork can be tough for kids. Feeling out-of-practice when it comes to math facts, logical thinking or even, for younger kids, the alphabet can make the transition even harder. It’s time for a little review, but that review will go over much more sweetly if it seems more like fun than work.

The right apps can do that better than almost anything else, but when you’re downloading apps for their educational value, it’s important to be cautious. In far too many apps, the learning is easy to circumvent, either by playing the game only up to a certain point, or (especially for very small kids) by trying random swipes and pokes rather than solving the problems. Other apps offer learning somewhat incidentally to entertainment, much like most educational television.

Here’s a list of apps that blend the fun and the learning into the same package, some with more parental involvement than others. Nearly all cost more than the 99 cents we’re used to paying. But if you’re really planning to see that they get used, they’re worth it.

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