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Afterschool Meal Program

Through a partnership with Texas Department of Agriculture, we are proud to offer an Afterschool Meal Program for kids and teens. For more information, contact us at 972.885.0115.

Scholarships Available

Through a partnership with Heaven Helpers Haven, Inc., we are proud to offer scholarships to deserving families. For me information, contact our Heaven Helpers Haven, Inc. at (469) 333-3290.

When a Working Grandma Can’t Afford to Babysit, a Tradition Ends

By MEREDITH BODGAS | The New York Times | APRIL 27, 2014 8:36 AM My mother trudged down the stairs of her Staten Island townhouse this past Christmas Day, head slumped down, Eeyore-style. Even with my inherited poor eyesight, I could see from her modest kitchen table that the lenses on her dark, plastic glasses,…

Apps to Bring Math and Science Skills Back After Summer’s Slide

By KJ DELL’ANTONIA | The New York Times | August 30, 2015 After a summer of fun, the shift back into schoolwork can be tough for kids. Feeling out-of-practice when it comes to math facts, logical thinking or even, for younger kids, the alphabet can make the transition even harder. It’s time for a little review,…

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